Basic Tea Glass mug
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35,0 cl
12,3 Imp.fl.oz.
11,8 US fl.oz.


122,0 mm


99,0 mm

Packaging/Outer Carton


per carton

Glass properties

Superstrong - toughened

Superstrong - toughened

RASTAL SUPERSTRONG glasses exhibit significantly enhanced resistance to mechanical shock as it may typically occur in practical use, for example, when stacking several glasses.
100 K TWB

100 K TWB

These glass cups and tumblers are suitable for holding hot beverages prepared at temperatures above 80 °C (such as tea, grog, punch, mulled wine, ‘Hot Cup’ soups, medicinal infusion beverages etc.). They are capable of withstanding high temperatures even without the pre-warming process practised in professional catering environments; their resistance to sudden temperature changes (thermal shock resistance) is 100 Kelvin (100 K).


Suitable for catering and hospitality environments: ideal for professional use.



Dishwasher suitable: for fast and thorough cleaning, the glass will tolerate commercial dishwasher use in accordance with the dishwashing parameters indicated by the manufacturer.

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