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This design award, which has just been presented for the first time, recognises innovations that display a lasting impact.



RASTAL presents the latest dimension in "smart" glasses

Digitalisation in business is picking up speed. Open to new digital ideas, RASTAL is launching the RASTAL SMARTGLASS® in co-operation with Telekom Deutschland GmbH at the Brau-Beviale 2016 trade show, demonstrating completely new approaches to customer involvement, competition differentiation and the promotion of consumption.



Exclusive glass design and sensory science to perfection!

RASTAL has been pointing the way in individual glass design for decades. More than 100 references from international drinks companies in the last 10 years alone and almost 200 awards since 1974 are proof of its credentials.



Special tasting set for the craft beer scene from RASTAL

Indian Pale Ale or Imperial Stout? Porter or Pale Ale? What beer should it be? It is often difficult for customers to choose from the huge variety of beer styles on offer.



Smartphone owners visiting BrauBeviale 2016 can gain an insight into a whole new dimension in the product development of RASTAL glasses. The traditional company will reveal the creative process behind 3D glasses in real time.



The products of the year were awarded at the end of March. With the “Craft Master Two”, RASTAL was able to score with the expert jury and outperform the international competition. The sought-after “Red Dot” award is the highly respected seal of outstanding design quality.



RASTAL has received several awards for its craft beer glass design. The Good Design Award™ 2015 in the Tabletop category went to the “Craft Master One” glass, while the “Craft Master Two” received the coveted iF design award, likewise in the Tabletop category.



RASTAL presents the world´s first glass for the latest dispensing trend from the USA

Première at the Hachenburger Pils Cup. Visitors to the biggest indoor football tournament run by the Rhineland Football Association from 22 to 24 January 2016 are able to enjoy the latest beer dispensing trend with the world´s first Bottoms-Up beer glass from RASTAL.


RASTAL – a Brand of the Century

RASTAL has officially been awarded in Berlin a place in the illustrious circle of “Brands of the Century”.

The enterprise, rich in tradition, based in Höhr-Grenzhausen, stands for individualized glass design. On the occasion of a grand brands gala in Berlin, Dr. Florian Langenscheidt presented Raymond Sahm-Rastal, Co-Owner and Managing Director, with the prestigious award “Marke des Jahrhunderts” – “Brand of the Century” in the presence of around 350 guests from German enterprises.


Glasses and more

That certain something

RASTAL has some surprises in store for Brau-Beviale 2015, with individual promotions, integrated logistics solutions and the world´s first glasses for the innovative bottom up beer dispensing system.


TEKU 3.0 - The Original

TEKU 3.0: Anniversary model - with facelift

(Nuremberg 11.11.2015) It is exactly five years since the world´s first beer glass for craft beers saw the light of day at Brau Beviale 2010 in the form of the RASTAL-TEKU.


RASTAL at BrauBeviale2015
Trend Glasses: Go With the Flow!

RASTAL inspires the BrauBeviale 2015 audience with a fresh take on the craft beer trend and the European Football Championship

RASTAL’s new range of craft beer glasses to be showcased at the forthcoming BrauBeviale trade fair fully revolves around the idea of “flow“. Visitors wishing to test and taste which of the new trend-setting glass shapes is designed to make the perfect match for their own special beer styles, are cordially invited to stop by at the stand of the renowned TEKU creators.


New at Brau Beviale 2014:
Trends in glassware that are here to stay!

TEKU or tumbler, innovative design and modern classics - RASTAL once again sets the standards for creating visual identities for beer brands, the craft-beer scene and gastro venues.

95 years drinking-glass tradition, 50 years branded Exclusive Glass. Add to that a comprehensive range of glassware to fulfil the requirements of the craft-beer scene: right from the beginning the drinking glass experts at RASTAL as partners of industry and the hospitality sector have paid an active part in shaping the trends in the brewing and beverages business sectors.


Clothes Make People
The Glass Makes the Beer

50 years of Exclusive Glasses by Rastal

The idea is as simple as it is sound: each beer deserves its own special glass. Not only one that matches its style, but one that highlights the signature features of its brand. No two beers are the same, and each brewer will claim that their beer is distinctive, a brand with its own identity whose unique character is worthy of being raised into the limelight.


Milk, espresso, foam: a stylish trio deserves a stylish outfit – a special latte macchiato glass by RASTAL

McDonald’s was looking for an appealing latte macchiato glass to star in a planned McCafé campaign – a glass that would set the perfect stage for the dream-team trio of milk, espresso and milk froth, not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of visual appeal. In addition, the glass was to showcase the brand’s colour trilogy...


A Series of Glasses for the Craft Beer Community

Bars or restaurants wishing to stimulate their guests’ enthusiasm for the new “craft beers” should remember two rules for success. First: the eye wants to be pleased, too. Second: only a perfectly shaped glass will bring out the special aromas of these premium beers. After all, who would seriously consider serving a single-malt whisky in a Willy Beer tumbler from the pub on the corner...