A Series of Glasses for the Craft Beer Community

Bars or restaurants wishing to stimulate their guests’ enthusiasm for the new “craft beers” (which are sometimes also referred to as “gourmet beers”, “artisan beers” or “premium beers”) should remember two rules for success. First: the eye wants to be pleased, too. Second: only a perfectly shaped glass will bring out the full array of aromas and flavours locked in craft beers. After all, who would seriously consider serving a single-malt whisky in a Willy Beer tumbler from the pub on the corner ... The pairing of a beer style with a particular glass can be performed with meticulous attention to detail, as can be observed in many Belgian pubs where each brand and each beer has its own “exclusive” glass. An attractive and attention-grabbing solution, no doubt. However, the wider and more varying the range of beer styles offered, the greater the ongoing effort and investment in glassware. This is where the TEKU goblet and the craft beer glass range by RASTAL come into play: they offer excellent alternatives for any beer style and environment.


The Origin – Italian Design

The “cradle” of RASTAL’s glass range for craft beers lies in the TEKU goblet, which was received with quite some amazement when it was first presented at the Brau Beviale trade fair in 2010. TEKU is a beer-tasting glass that was created by RASTAL’s Italian subsidiary a few years ago. With its long stem it bears greater resemblance to a red-wine glass than to a beer glass. The partner in the creation was Italy’s cult brewer Teo Musso, acting in collaboration with Kuaska, aka Lorenzo Dabove, the famous Italian beer sommelier. The idea behind the concept was to provide the glass with an unusual curvature and an upward-widening, yet straight-lined rim area that would synergise with each other, thus allowing each beer to fully unfold its unique wealth of aromas.

Status Quo: Significant Growth Rates and Differentiation

TEKU is very well received in the marketplace, as is evidenced not only by the great interest in its very shape, but also by the many branded variants adorned with logos and decors, including the logoed version selected for the successful beer festival “Braukunst Live!”. And, last but not least, TEKU is evolving over time – it is now also available with an integrated beer colour scale.

Due to the great popularity of the TEKU goblet, RASTAL’s in-house Design Studio has meanwhile created four siblings to complement the original glass. The new entries to the product family, which were presented for the first time at the 2012 Brau Beviale trade fair, are ideal not only for professional tasting, but also for appreciating and enjoying craft wheat beers, top-fermented dark beers and other heavier styles in everyday scenarios. With these four variants, RASTAL is consistently building on the success of the elegantly curved TEKU beer goblet that was originally conceived as a perfect tasting glass. Each of these glasses promises a unique sensory experience when paired with its respective beer style.


The “Beer de Luxe” family

RASTAL’s current range of elegantly shaped glasses guarantee a well-rounded, consummate taste experience – this was the unanimous conclusion drawn at a tasting session held in the run-up to the European Beer Star Competition 2012. Eleven internationally well-known panel members participated in the tasting event: Rodolfo Andreu, Alexandre Bazzo, Luc Bellerive, Alessandro Campanini, Fernando Campoy Osset, Eric Dunlap, Boris de Mesones, Tomoko Sonoda, André Trudel, Darron Welch, Jung-Hoon Yoon as well as Stefan Stang and Dr Werner Gloßner from the Bavarian Association of Private Breweries (Private Brauereien Bayern e.V.). Based on a tasting of four different styles of beer (wheat beer, pale ale, barrel-aged and dark beer) served in a wide variety of new glass designs created by the RASTAL Design Studio, the panel members selected the designs which in scored highest in terms of aroma development and overall sensory impression. The result arrived at by the international panel members was crystal-clear: regardless of whether beer styles with top-fermented, hoppy, spicy or malty aroma profiles were tasted – the new range created by RASTAL offers just the right glass for any style.

What the Experts Have to Say

“TEKU is arguably not a glass that brewers would typically use in the context of analytical tasting to evaluate the quality of beer and detect off-flavours and off-aromas. But it is ideal for use in professional catering practice and consumer environments because its special design allows the main groups of beer aromas to unfold to perfection for a complete sensory experience on the nose and palate, and this is exactly what matters in these settings“ says Martin Darting, sensory analysis expert.

“The differences identified between the various glasses during the European Beer Star tasting session were amazing. The four selected shapes are definitely worthy winners“, emphasises Dr Werner Gloßner from the Bavarian Association of Private Breweries.

“With innovative tasting glasses and smart ideas crystallised, for example, in our TEKU glass featuring an integrated beer colour scale, we make every effort to help our clients accomplish one of their big tasks of tomorrow: namely to raise consumer awareness for beer enjoyment. As an expert in the field of glassware promotions and designs, RASTAL has all the expertise and know-how it takes to help businesses in the industry gain further momentum with added value and top-notch quality crafted into fine glass creations and handy tasting aids” says Raymond Sahm-Rastal, Managing Director of RASTAL.

“It goes without saying that a new, pleasure-oriented beer community deserves new glasses” confirms Friedbert Eder, Managing Director of the Eder & Heylands brewery, parent company of the Schlappeseppel specialty brewery in Aschaffenburg, Germany.