Integral responsibility

Entrepreneurial success is not an end in itself. Rather, the strategic positioning of the enterprise must also be oriented towards successfully confronting the economic, social and ecological challenges of our times. This commitment is a determining factor in our operations and intrinsic to what we believe to be corporate responsibility.

Total Quality Management

RASTAL Quality is recognised to be a dynamic process in line with a clearly structured Total Quality Management system. Our goal: to continually optimize the quality of products and services in all areas of operation and on all levels based on the cooperation of the entire workforce, resulting in heightened customer satisfaction.

RASTAL was granted ISO 9001 certification in 1994.


Using resources wisely

Glass is a sustainable material: our paramount goal is to implement the sustainability principle in the fields of glass production, finishing and marketing. In 2006 RASTAL was the first enterprise in its sector to integrate glass finishing using environmentally-friendly organic inks in production processes. Furthermore, the decoration is not conventionally baked, but is hardened by curing under UV light or by the application of heat. Today RASTAL enjoys a reputation as leading supplier in this field. The percentage of articles with environmentally friendly decoration is continuously increasing.

At the same time we are working to lengthen product life-span by improving break resistance. A special group of articles which possess improved resistance against mechanical shock and extreme temperature variations, are marketed under the quality name “Superstrong”.

With the RASTAL packaging management system the glasses are delivered already packed by the glassworks in RASTAL cardboard packaging boxes, and are then at the end of the decoration processes, repacked in the original packaging. Recycling of glass waste is much more than just routine for RASTAL.

Stronger together

Gemeinsam stark

Maintaining quality is the responsibility of the whole workforce. It is therefore very important that all members identify themselves both with the enterprise and their personal performance.

The “RASTAL COACHING” in-house training programme and the “RASTAL Aktiv Plus” health-promotion activities contribute towards maintaining an attractive and motivating work environment.


Cultural and social engagement

Höhr-Grenzhausen in Westerwald region is our home. Consequently the bonds that have existed and strengthened over decades between us, the town and its people, and the local supply partners are very strong. We engage in regional cultural events, promote young artists and support the work of the Westerwald Ceramics Museum.

The RASTAL collection of historic drinking vessels with its several thousand glasses, tankards and beer mugs, jugs and goblets from past centuries is the most important private collection of its kind worldwide. It is a unique and rich source of creative ideas for new designs and also reproductions, founded and built up by Werner Sahm-Rastal.

Kulturelles und gesellschaftliches Engagement