TEKU 3.0 - The Original
TEKU 3.0: Anniversary model - with facelift


(Nuremberg 11.11.2015) It is exactly five years since the world´s first beer glass for craft beers saw the light of day at Brau Beviale 2010 in the form of the RASTAL-TEKU. At the time, RASTAL created a real stir with the TEKU from Italy, which brought a wine glass like aesthetic to serving beer. RASTAL celebrated this event on its stand Wednesday afternoon with a little party. TEKU developer and Italian brewing guru Teo Musso (TE-) received a specially produced TEKU anniversary goblet in the form of an oversized TEKU 1.0 from RASTAL´s managing partner Raymond Sahm-Rastal. TEKU development partner, bier sommelier Lorenzo Dabove, alias Kuaska (-KU) is still extremely pleased with the important signal for the industry that this idea unleashed.

Acting in the spirit of the brewing industry as a traditional handcraft that it always changing, last year the developers of the TEKU took the opportunity to make some minor changes to the design of the father of all craft beer glasses. The popular functions are still preserved, as is the character of the product. The TEKU 3.0, "The Original", was simply optimised with the drawn shaft, the warmed seams, relief on the base and the slight change in linearity. Cult brewer Dabove: „From TEKU-Mini to TEKU 3.0 - each change and perfection step we made was harmonizing with the philosophy of the Original, which was designed to be the universal glass for tastings. And within hardly any time it conquered the palatine of all those, who agree with me: There is not just one beer - there are many beers!”

"It is hard to believe that the TEKU has only been on the market for five years. Since then there have been huge changes in the craft beer scene. You only have to look at the wonderful variety of glasses that breweries now have to work with - quite apart from the huge range of craft beers available on the market," emphasised Raymond Sahm-Rastal.