RASTAL - a Brand of the Century


RASTAL Raymond Sahm-Rastal, Co-Owner and Managing Director (left) receives the award “Marke des Jahrhunderts - Stars 2016” from Dr. Florian Langenscheidt.

RASTAL has officially been awarded in Berlin a place in the illustrious circle of “Brands of the Century”.

The enterprise, rich in tradition, based in Höhr-Grenzhausen, stands for individualized glass design. On the occasion of a grand brands gala in Berlin, Dr. Florian Langenscheidt presented Raymond Sahm-Rastal, Co-Owner and Managing Director, with the prestigious award “Marke des Jahrhunderts” – “Brand of the Century” in the presence of around 350 guests from German enterprises. RASTAL thus now belongs to the exclusive group of the most influential German brands.

Brands that stand for excellence in their product category are honoured with this prize and given an entry in the special edition "Marken des Jahrhunderts – Stars 2016" – “Brands of the Century – Stars 2016” published by the "Deutsche Standards" publishing house. An advisory board of high-ranking brand experts had chosen RASTAL in the product category “Individualized Glass Design”. Individualized glass design that is reserved exclusively for one brand – this successful concept has remained a focus for this German enterprise with its strong tradition since the year 1964. Implemented for the first time with the “Bitburger-Pokal”, the Bitburger tulip glass, the “Exclusive Glass” is today an indispensable element in the brand strategies of renowned beverage suppliers. Up to today, no other enterprise has created more Exclusive Glass concepts than RASTAL – over one hundred were conceived and implemented in the last ten years alone. Many of them are unique classics in the meantime and today are permanent elements of the international brand landscape. Exceptional designs and solutions are developed, based on the creativity of the RASTAL designers and the comprehensive technological know-how possessed by the enterprise.
The lavishly designed book "Marken des Jahrhunderts - Stars 2016" – “Brands of the Century – Stars 2016” is distributed worldwide through all German embassies, consulates and government agencies abroad, as well as Goethe Institutes, it is also available through the book trade.