Breakage-resistant and “tough” throughout: SUPERSTRONG glasses by RASTAL are conceived with the exacting needs of catering and hospitality professionals in mind. More about SUPERSTRONG GLASSES



RASTAL’s goblets and stemmed crystal glasses of superior quality are specially designed to meet the specific needs of the catering and hospitality arena. More about High-Quality Glass

100 K for Hot Beverages

These glass cups and tumblers are suitable for holding hot beverages prepared at temperatures above 80 °C (such as tea, grog, punch, mulled wine, ‘Hot Cup’ soups, medicinal infusion beverages etc.). They are capable of withstanding high temperatures even without the pre-warming process practised in professional catering environments; their resistance to sudden temperature changes (thermal shock resistance) is 100 Kelvin (100 K).

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Rastal - Added value from added use. Rastal - Added value from added use. Rastal - Added value from added use. Rastal - Added value from added use.

The alternative to glass for events

Legal safety requirements mean that glass is often not available for use in outdoor settings and events. In these cases too, RASTAL is your fully comprehensive partner, offering you high-grade reusable products as convincing alternatives – either as full-service or with a coordinated washing service on request. In addition we also offer further reusable options including BPA-free materials such as Tritan.


Added value from added use.

  • High quality material

  • shatter-proof and shock-proof

  • Looks like real glass (polycarbonate)

  • Brilliant, long-lasting, bright printed images

  • No residual taste or odour

  • Suitable for hot and cold drinks

  • Environmentally friendly

  • reusable