More than simple tasting

RASTAL presents the new "Ethora" tasting glass range

Whether concave, convex or cylindrical – the shape of a drinking glass determines the taste, smell, appearance and sensation of the drink in your mouth. The new double-walled “Ethora” tasting glasses from RASTAL allow you to taste the different unfolding aromas even more clearly and purely. In addition, three different shapes show how they can accentuate the taste of a spirit. Surprises cannot be ruled out.

Whisky, gin, rum and vodka – the delicious world of spirits is endless and breaks new sensory ground time and time again. Tasting sessions are ideal for capturing the exciting aspects of premium spirits with all your senses. The glass design and decoration specialists from Höhr-Grenzhausen, well-known for their pioneering spirit, have created a new tasting glass range called “Ethora”, specifically for spirits. The bulbous shape is a characteristic feature of the perfectly balanced design: it fits comfortably in your hand and is guaranteed to sit stably on a flat surface. The unusual thing about this shape, on the one hand, is the double-walled design with three different inner sections. Thanks to the insulating effect of the double-walled design, the respective drink remains largely unaffected by environmental influences, which reinforces the basic scientific concept of this tasting set. 

On the other hand, the three inner sections significantly change the taste of the respective spirit. They not only bring out hidden aromas, but also let you experience a drink in three different aroma profiles with various sensory effects. “Cone”, “cylinder” and “sphere” – the different shaped inner contours in the range also affect the toss and flow behaviour of the drink in the glass in different ways as well as the aroma volatilisation. It is well-known that the ultimate pleasure is more than just a fusion of what we smell and taste. Taste develops through the multisensory interaction of multiple senses – we speak about multisensory perception. “Ethora”, allows you to fully enjoy spirits with all your senses, expand your sensory knowledge – and open up new doors in the world of professional tastings. In addition, RASTAL creates a unique sensory profile for individual drink brands based on these three “Ethora” shapes. The scientific findings are visualised in the form of aroma diagrams. 

Another special feature is the optimised design of the mouth rim. The connection of the inner section to the outer body runs at a smooth angle so that the backflow from any drink consumed is slower than with regular tasting glasses that tend to be vertical. This consistently wet area is referred to as the so-called aroma stage.

The brilliance of the crystal-like glass quality clearly shows the colour and viscosity of the drink. The “Ethora” meets all the requirements of a professional spirits taster and is also ideal for all relevant areas of use.

For the ultimate indulgence, you can either buy six glasses of the same shape packed in a box or an expert tasting glass set with all three shapes plus a special ownership certificate, presented in a premium black box with a high-gloss finish.

RASTAL is an owner-managed group of companies operating in international markets and offers not only internationally recognised know-how relating to glass design, production and decoration, but also a comprehensive range of servives from sensory glass tests to individual logistics solutions. An individual glass design that is exclusively reserved for one brand – the traditional company has pursue this successful concept since 1964. 

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