New generation of TEKU

RASTAL extends its craft beer collection

Connoisseurs are impressed: virtually no other glass offers such an outstanding level of suitability for enjoying distinctive taste experiences and professional tasting session as the “Teku” glass by RASTAL. A characteristic feature of this universal original is its refined stem, its unusual curve and the straight, outwardly arched rim for the optimum development of special beer aromas. The product icon Teku is available with a volume of 42 cl, and there is also a smaller version with 33 cl. Celebrating its 100th anniversary this year and regarded as a pioneer in the creation of glasses for craft beer, glass and refinement specialist Rastal based in Höhr-Grenzhausen has now added the "TEKU button". This offers an impressively distinctive character, ensuring a perfect symbiosis between aesthetic appeal, elegance and functionality. In the case of this new creation, the design was once again the work of well-known Italian cult brewer Teo Musso.

The distinctive styling enables a wider flow of liquid, which means it enters the mouth more slowly – a combination that makes it possible to detect more aromas and discover the full variety of the drink in question. The versatile glass is pleasant to hold, and with a volume of 19.4 cl it is perfect for all kinds of tastings. RASTAL also offers a tasting set to allow users to become acquainted with the distinctive variety and complex taste components of good beers and spirits. A beautiful serving tray made of untreated wood holds as many as three tasting glasses – the optimum number for immersion in a perfect tasting experience.

100 years of drinking glass tradition, numerous international design prizes and an extensive range of products to meet the needs of the craft beer scene: Rastal's drinking glass experts have continuously helped shape trends in the brewing and beverage sector as a partner to industry and the catering trade.



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