Rastal designs award-winning, sensory optimized Brand Signature Glass for Boulevard Brewing Co.

Using their pioneering sensory test design process known as Multi-Sensory Revolution (MSR), the German companies Rastal and Döhler assembled a panel of experts to analyze the sensorial influence of different glass styles on Boulevard Brewing’s American saison ale, Tank 7.

The Boulevard Brewing Company is the largest specialty craft beer brewer in the American Midwest, with the simple mission to produce fresh and flavorful beers using only the finest traditional ingredients and the best of both old and new brewing techniques. The aim of this scientific approach is to determine the perfect shape of drinking glass that allows the unique characteristics of a particular beverage to be properly experienced by all the senses. The sensory profiling took place in a laboratory at the Döhler site in Darmstadt, Germany and consisted of sensory and flavor experts, as well as experienced brewers. The project was established and led by Rastal’s U.S. glassware partner, Grandstand. With their expertise in custom printed and Brand Signature Glassware throughout North America, Grandstand paved the way for the development of Boulevard’s signature Tank 7 glass, and guided the project from start to finish.

The result is worth a look: The overall design of Boulevard’s signature Tank 7 glass, created by Rastal’s chief designer Mr. Carsten Kehrein, facilitates an intense yet well balanced aroma volatilization. Tank 7’s fruity, nuanced aromas are enriched and more easily detected, and a sharpness in its top notes is noticeably softened. The bowl shape highlights its golden straw color and supports foam stability. The overall aroma enhancement makes Boulevard’s signature Tank 7 glass an ideal tasting glass for all occasions. The innovative and detailed relief-cut stem optimizes the glass’s stability while also serving as a unique design feature — it’s inspired by the iconic smokestack at Boulevard’s brewing facility. Grandstand facilitated the creative process and was deeply involved in the design of the smokestack stem, as well as the scientific evaluation of the beer itself. The beauty and function of the glass makes it perfectly suited for day-to-day use in restaurants and bars, fulfilling both a proper sensory experience and providing brand awareness.

As an crowning achievement for this ambitious MSR project, Boulevard's signature Tank 7 glass was awarded with the world renowned Good Design Award® 2018 by the Chicago Athenaeum (Museum of Architecture and Design in cooperation with the European Centre for Architecture, Art, Design and Urban Studies) based in Illinois, USA. This prestigious design award is given to the most innovative and cutting edge industrial, product, and graphic designs produced around the world. Receiving it is truly an honor for all involved parties. Convince yourself!

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