New on-pack campaign with real-time connectivity

Millions of people spend time on Google every day looking for all kinds of recipes. The Havana Club glass with Rastal Smartprint® technology makes it possible to mix your favourite cocktail yourself in no time using original recipes.

From May 2019, Havana Club fans will benefit from an on-pack campaign in grocery stores which for the first time features a digital glass that enables the user to browse in a cocktail library by the name of “Cocktail Club”. Without the need for any lengthy search-ing, the glass provides direct access to 16 different recipe ideas for Havana Club cocktails. It is enough for the consumer to briefly touch the glass with their mobile phone when NFC reception is activated and they are automatically directed to the required information on a mobile web app, without the need for further downloads. The app also contains other features such as direct creation of a shopping list for a freely definable number of persons and a newsletter subscription.

The new real-time connectivity for consumers is made possible by the ground-breaking Rastal Smartglass® concept. The so-called Rastal Smartglass® is a combination of a glass and a transponder with NFC technology. The novel printing technique Rastal Smartprint® elegantly incorporates the NFC transponder with the brand decoration and is also dishwasher-safe. This smart refinement opens up a whole new range of possibilities in terms of customer targeting and interaction as well as competitive differentiation and consumption boosting.

Rastal's ground-breaking concept won gold at the GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD as well as receiving a special commendation at the 2019 Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Prize. Rastal is a tradition-steeped company that has been a pioneer in the development of special glass designs for more than 100 years. With products that meet a wide range of needs, the inventor of the Brand Signature Glass creates special design ideas for the beverage market and catering trade, demonstrating its enormous production expertise and high glass quality as well as pioneering spirit in the area of glass design.

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