Interactive Gaffel-Kölsch beer glass

The interactive Gaffel Kölsch cylindrical beer glass from Rastal lets Gaffel drinkers take part directly in the company’s anniversary competition.

Cologne, 6 May 2019 – As part of its 111th anniversary celebrations, Gaffel is launching a rather special campaign for the catering trade.
Gaffel beer glasses with built-in NFC chips will soon be in use at the Gaffel am Dom, Joode Lade and Heising & Adelmann establishments. Rastal, the manufacturer of innovative drink glasses, has developed this patented smartglass and produced it jointly with Gaffel. Access is established to the Gaffel competition site simply by holding the back of the smartphone against the symbol, with NFC activated in the device. “We are happy to be using this digital Kölsch glass, which reflects the very latest state of technology, to mark our 111 anniversary, together with Rastal,” says Sebastian Lenninghausen, product manager of the Gaffel private brewery. “For us, tradition and innovation have always belonged together.” With NFC (near-field communication) technology, data is exchanged through a wireless connection between glass and smartphone based on electromagnetic induction, meaning that no additional power is required. Virtually all smartphones are NFC-capable. Moreover, the NFC reader is usually preinstalled in Android mobile devices. So it is a simple matter, for example, for guests to take part in the competition while they are in the establishment. “Thanks to the innovative and interactive combination of drinking glass and NFC transponder, it is possible to link the brand directly with the consumer via the smartphone at the very moment of consumption,” says Carsten Kehrein, head designer at Rastal. “In this way, each smart drinking glass has its own unique identity.”


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