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Raise Your Glasses. To the next level.

Over the past 100 years, RASTAL has become a highly regarded partner to renowned clients operating in the national and international beverage arena, in the hospitality and catering sector.

The family-run enterprise manufactures up to 120 million glasses per year. Numerous well-known brands across the globe rely on RASTAL’s experience and technological expertise in all aspects of brand staging and branded consumer experience.

Brand Signature Glass Design.

Since 1964.

In 1964 RASTAL initiated the brand signature glass and implemented it for the first time: it is based on the idea of an individual glass design dedicated exclusively to a single brand.

Design with added value: an individual glass design as an exclusive combination of brand identity and the promise of fine drinking pleasure – tailored specifically to the brand, target group, budget and use.

A brand signature glass by RASTAL.

Design. By Experts.

Red is the colour of award-winning design

With 200 awards and design prizes, the Rastal design studio is one of the most renowned experts in the world today when it comes to glass design. Here, creativity is combined with acclaimed materials expertise. The studio has developed – and continues to develop – legendary brand icons that have made design history as well as numerous classics of modern glass design. These are designs that continue to leave their mark on the international beverage scene to this day.

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We innovate glassware!

Red is the colour of innovation

Tradition-steeped company meets innovation factory. For almost a century, we’ve been consistently in search of the next big inspiring idea. What are the visions that will guide us in the future? There’s lots to look forward to.

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Trade Fairs & Events.

On-site inspiration

Get inspired at one of our next trade fair or event presences and learn more about the diverse possibilities in the field of drinking glass refinement and discover our innovations. We are looking forward to your visit.

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Inhouse decor design by experts

RASTAL is a world leading supplier of premium glass finishing solutions: each day, up to 500,000 decorated articles leave the main factory in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. At RASTAL, truly creative decoration design is combined with an unparalleled variety of classic and innovative technologies.

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