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Rastal design brings taste to life…

… with creative solutions that have been playing a key role in the world of modern glass design for many decades. Drawing on a wealth of expertise, experience and innovative technology, RASTAL creates solutions that showcase a brand’s unique character with pizzazz and contemporary charm.

Brand signature glass design: who invented it?

Competitive difference and recognizability

In 1964 RASTAL initiated the brand signatureglass and implemented it for the first time: it is based on the idea of an individual glass design dedicated exclusively to a single brand. To this day, no other company has developed and created so many brand signature glass designs – Rastal has more than 100 concepts to its name in the last 10 years alone. Many of these are unmistakable classics that are still an integral part of the international brand scene.

Modern glass design – Best Practice

Design prizes and awards – RASTAL Design Studio

RASTAL plays a key role in shaping the world of modern glass design. Honoured with more than 180 design prizes and awards conferred since 1974, RASTAL enjoys worldwide recognition as a supplier of success-boosting brand solutions.


The perfect shape.

In an exclusive co-operation the companies RASTAL and DÖHLER, one of the world’s leading producers of natural ingredients for foods and beverages, have developed a sensory test design that is the only one of its kind in the world: MULTI-SENSORY REVOLUTION. The aim of this scientific approach is to determine the perfect shape of a drinking glass that allows the individual character of your particular drink in its preferred form to be experienced by every one of the senses.

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