Decoration techniques

Inhouse decor design by experts.

RASTAL is a world leading supplier of premium glass finishing solutions: each day, up to 500,000 decorated articles leave the main factory in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. At RASTAL, truly creative decoration design is combined with an unparallelled variety of classic and innovative technologies.

The goal you wish to attain with your decoration project and the desired production volume are key criteria for the selection of the optimum decoration method. But whatever your needs may be: are you looking for smart “ways” to appeal to frequenters of trendy venues? Do you wish to provide your promotional cup or mug with a pizzazzy effect, or are you flirting with the idea of an interactive concept? RASTAL will tailor your “one of one” solution from a huge variety of available options.

Best Practice Decoration Design

Demanding, individual decoration concepts

Cutting-edge printing techniques form the basis of individual decoration solutions that position your brand in contemporary style and appeal to the specific target group. Would you like to showcase your drink, or are you in search of an interactive decoration concept? RASTAL has the solution. In addition to classic screen printing and transfer image methods, RASTAL also offers innovative decoration techniques for ideal brand positioning.


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