To the next level.

Next Generation Glassware

Tradition-steeped company meets innovation factory. For almost a century, we’ve been consistently in search of the next big inspiring idea. Our invention of signature glass design more than 60 years ago opened a whole new range of branding opportunities and revolutionised an entire sector. We continue to aspire to this same standard today with RASTAL Smartglass®, once again entirely repositioning the glass as a product – an innovative response to the digitalised world of brands and consumers.


When words become unique glass decoration.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is omnipresent: it has long been part of the algorithms of many search engines, helps with intelligent field irrigation in agriculture, and writes weather reports, stock market news, and sports highlights. The RASTAL Design Studio has intensively dealt with the topic of AI and now enables its customers to develop effective glassware decoration ideas with the help of AI.

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Rastal Smartglass®

Your best digital media asset.

The innovative, sustainable and interactive combination of drinking glasses and transponder connects your brand directly to the consumer via their smartphone. Every smart drinking glass has a unique worldwide identity. Without any app installation, it communicates and interacts with every NFC-enabled and device.

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