The Interconnected Staff Restaurant

Modern RFID technology is increasingly being used to provide brain power to staff restaurants. Computer programs now coordinate the entire product identification and charging process and are able to run the whole show without the need for any human action. At ZDF Casino, for example, both crockery items and glasses for the classic lemonade product Sinalco have been fitted with RFID chips; as a result, meals and drinks can be identified and paid for at the unstaffed till, all controlled by the intelligent avus smart-cap software.

ZDF Casino GmbH is cooperating with the companies avus Gastro GmbH, Deutsche Sinalco GmbH Markengetränke & Co KG and RASTAL GmbH & Co. KG for the benefit of customers at the ZDF staff restaurant. The result is a full solution that considerably reduces waiting times. Displaying considerable innovative power, these firms have realised the benefits of digitalisation not only to customers but also the companies themselves. Full digital control of all processes also serves to optimise waiting times. “We are proud to be using this forward-looking digital technology together with one of the first companies in our industry, to enable enhanced efficiency and rapid payment, particularly during peak periods,” explains Simone Schulze, assistant to the CEO of ZDF Casino GmbH. For example, guests take their drinks in a special glass made by RASTAL with a chip embedded in its base. Known as the RASTAL Smartglass®, it is a combination of drinking glass and RFID transponder. An intelligent tracking technology developed by avus runs in the background,. Known as avus smart-cap, it transmits all the relevant product data to the check-out fully automatically. “In RASTAL, we have found a reputable supplier of smart glasses that perfectly complement our innovative Gastro-4.0 solution. All RFID crockery items are at last available from professional sources,” says Dr. Wilfried Weiss, CEO of avus Gastro. Sinalco is another company to have recognised the benefits of the concept and is using the exclusive brand glass with the RFID chip in ZDF Casino. As Rainer Kasten, national sales manager for catering and wholesale beverages, stresses, “Our ambition is to offer customers the best and most up to date service. Thanks to these new glasses from RASTAL, we are now able to put this into practice.”

The RASTAL Smartglass® has undergone multiple testing and has even won the gold GERMAN INNOVATION AWARD. It has also received recognition in the form of the Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Prize 2019. “After all, it is part of our brand philosophy to make our customers aware of new possibilities afforded by innovation. However, this is only possible, when the technical advancement lends itself to control by simple means“, explains Thomas Nieraad, CEO of RASTAL.


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