Whistleblower System

At RASTAL, it has always been our goal to promote and maintain an open and respectful corporate culture. We firmly believe that this is the key to gaining and maintaining the trust of our employees and business partners in the long term. For this reason, we have set up a whistleblower system that makes it possible to report violations of laws or our Code of Conduct.

Our whistleblower system is operated externally by a partner commissioned by us and is available to all employees and external parties. Reports can be submitted via various reporting channels.

We guarantee that all information submitted via our whistleblower system will be treated neutrally and in strict confidence.

We are pleased that concerns are addressed openly so that together we can stand up for the values of RASTAL.


Reporting Channels

The following reporting channels are available to you:

In personally or by post:
Stefan Krumbhorn, Fährstraße 75, 56333 Winningen

By e-mail:

By telephone:


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