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Rastal Smartglass®. The innovative, sustainable and interactive combination of drinking glasses and transponder connects your brand directly to the consumer via their smartphone. Every smart drinking glass has a unique worldwide identity. Without any app installation, it communicates and interacts with every NFC-enabled and device. Limitless possibillities. Exclusively from Rastal.

Rhineland-Palatinate Innovation Prize

At an award ceremony held last week in Ludwigshafen, RASTAL was presented with the Innovation Prize in the Digitalisation/Industry 4.0 category by the…

Interactive Gaffel-Kölsch cylindrical beer glass

The interactive Gaffel Kölsch cylindrical beer glass from Rastal lets Gaffel drinkers take part directly in the company’s anniversary competition.

New on-pack campaign with real-time connectivity

Millions of people spend time on Google every day looking for all kinds of recipes. The Havana Club glass with Rastal Smartprint® technology makes it…


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